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    Data: 04.09.2019


    You design a luxury interior? You are looking for original solutions in accessories and individual functions that will make your project unique? Read the tips of architect, Tomasz Misiewicz, who has been living and designing interiors in London and other European capitals for years, preparing designs for celebrities from the world of music, journalists and international celebrities.

    When designing a luxurious interior for a demanding Client, attention to detail is as important as functionality and uniqueness. Tomasz Misiewicz, who specializes in interior design projects - apartments, houses, restaurants, clubs, etc., knows this very well. We talked to him about designer solutions related to windows, which - as we mentioned in the previous text (link) - are a very important element of a premium class interior.


    Luxury in a window – is there anything like that ?

    "When designing luxurious interiors, I have been looking for an optimal solution for window joinery that would create a premium effect for a long time. When I first saw the finished project using the FullGlass window technology, I was surprised by its unique design.  I was surprised by minimalism and simplicity, unique details such as painted glass finish or elegant handles”.

    "As an enthusiast of good design, I was delighted - regardless of whether my interior design is contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian, ... Artech FullGlass windows match any interior. The appearance of these windows is unique - instead of standard PVC frames, we have painted glass here”.

    We have prepared for you a series of articles in which the architect and interior designer Tomasz Misiewicz talks about how to choose a perfect window for a designer interior. Decide which architect’s tips you would like to read first - click below!


    How to match windows to a sunny interior?

    Tomasz’s portfolio includes design projects of an apartment in the centre of Milan or a house in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain. These locations share a common feature, i.e. a lot of sunlight  for almost whole day and high temperatures. Properly selected window allows you to take better care of a luxurious interior. The basic requirement for a well selected window is to provide comfort of leisure for the residents. Home should be a place for relaxation, rest and comfort at all levels.

    "To my Clients, whose interiors are located in sunny locations, I recommend windows that are both beautiful and functional. I always make sure that all the elements of my projects are coherent. The decision on choosing designer windows was quite a challenge - I was long looking for windows that would be made entirely of glass, modern, functional - and at the same time with a character matching any type of interior. Additionally, in sunny locations, sun protection is essential. All these features are integrated in Artech FullGlass windows. Apart from their unique design, these windows protect interiors against excessive solar heating by up to 40%. Their additional function is to protect against harmful UV rays. Sunlight causes fading wallpapers, carpets, upholstery and other interior design elements, so a high level of protection - we're talking about 70% here - is extremely desirable.”


    Noise insulated windows

    "During my first conversation with my client in London, I drew attention to the noise that was coming from outside. This has convinced me to look for additional solutions that will ensure peace and quiet at home”. 

    In case of such projects, the role of the architect is not only to prepare the design of the interior, but also to take into account other aspects, such as the above mentioned excessive sunlight or outdoor noise. For projects located at noisy streets, Tomasz Misiewicz recommends acoustic insulated FullGlass windows. They can lower the noise level in a room by 30%. "Remember that noise above 35 db in the apartment causes sleep disturbances, so I always recommend to my clients to measure the outdoor noise level in order to select such windows which will ensure high comfort of sleep.


    Thermal performance of window

    Roof and window joinery are the elements through which the largest amount of heat “escapes” from the house, so it is worth taking care of good thermal parameters of the window. As Tomasz recalls: “One of my clients in Sweden, for whom I designed an interior in a Scandinavian style, was building the house located in an extremely harsh, cold climate. In this case, I did not hesitate and again I chose Artech FullGlass windows, whose standard version offer best parameters of window thermal insulation, due to which it is one of the "warmest" windows available on the market. Uw 0.75 W/m2k”. 


    Microventilation of windows

    The aspect that the architect should pay special attention to is the potential moisture level in the apartment. Tomasz emphasises that: "When talking to clients, I try to get as much information as possible about any special functions they may need. For example, I ask them how they are going to spend their leisure time, whether they cook a lot, or whether they often invite guests. While designing a kitchen for a family that often organises parties, I have paid special attention to microventilation. A large amount of kitchen vapour can lead to moisture formation, which the architect should prevent already at the design stage”.

    Artech FullGlass windows equipped with microventilation system address the needs of interiors exposed to moisture. That system provides a free flow of moist air outside, even when the window is closed.


    Feeling safe at home

    “When designing interiors in posh suburbs, safety it a special issue. In highly developed countries of Western Europe, burglaries occur every 3.5 minutes, 80% of which take place through windows or patio doors. Therefore, taking care of additional security measures is always a good idea”. Alarm system is one of them - but is it a sufficient solution? From the moment the alarm is triggered, it may take several minutes for the Security Service to appear on the scene. At the same time, stress after a burglary, even unsuccessful one, may stay with the residents for a long time.

    To ensure a high level of comfort, I recommend installing Artech FullGlass windows with a burglar-proof system, which, thanks to secured glass, cannot be broken; and additionally, standard version of these windows is equipped with burglar-proof fittings in RC2 class.”.


    Functionality vs. design

    “Choosing functional windows, I do not have to compromise on design. Artech FullGlass windows are unique on the European market not only because of the functions that I, as an architect and interior designer, can offer to my clients. These windows are unique mainly due to their luxurious design, which matches each  my project.

    I really appreciate the fact that the windows can be individually adapted to the needs of a specific interior and I can compose my own window system - e.g. from the sunny side in the living room I may choose FullGlass sun protection windows/ patio doors, from the side of a noisy street in the bedroom - FullGlass acoustic insulated windows, and in the remaining rooms - standard FullGlass windows.

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